Avcomm Developments Ltd.

Avcomm Developments Limited, is a consultancy providing technical solutions for Media organisations and specialises in contingency measures and disaster recovery.


Search and Rescue Test Sets
Disaster Recovery for Broadcasting Avcomm also designed and produced equipment for defence, avionics and systems testing, and can advise on support for client systems previously marketed by Avionic System Heathrow (ASH), RD Aviation, Anglia NDT and others. We also produced instrumentation for PFA aircraft including the warning lamp systems for the Kitfox and Europa, type GL501K and GL501U Warning Lamps for Homebuilts
Property development in France

Other designs and equipment types include: search and rescue test sets type QB16A, QB16B, QB16C and QB16D, also avionics and navaids such as the GL72A and GL72B Glider Radios and the GL32P portable VOR. Avionic test sets for VOR, TACAN, DME ILS and SSR such as the ASH175 - ASH195 series and NATO type 1OZZ/210449 - 1OZZ/210453 . Send us an e-mail if you have any queries regarding support for these products.

In cockpit test sets
Properties for rent

Avcomm Developments also leases and develops land and buildings and currently has projects in the UK, France, New Zealand and Australia.

We can also advise on Broadcasting, Video and film Production including solutions involving Information technology.

Aircraft Nav & Comm equipment
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